Schiopetto Friuli wines

Mario Schiopetto founded his eponymous estate in the 1960s and, having travelled widely, brought to Friuli for the first time both French and New World winemaking techniques that, today, we take for granted. These included stainless fermentation tanks for the whites and French oak barrels for the reds. He was one of the first to bring French vine clones into the Friuli vineyards, work with high-density plantings, and pick according to ripeness instead of tradition. He was also the first producer of significance in Friuli to bottle his own wines rather than sell in bulk to the local co-operative, as well as being one of the first to vinify each parcel of grapes separately to really capture the individual nuances of terroir.

During the 1970s and 1980s Schiopetto became an inspiration and training ground for many of today’s great names of Friuli. Today the estate numbers 30 hectares across 4 of the best 'Crus' of Collio. The individual parcels of fruit are still vinified separately with specific yeasts drawn from each respective parcel of wines, and the whites only see stainless steel. Mario passed away in 2003 and the state was run by his children until it was sold to Emilio Rotolo, owner of another leading estate Volpe Pasini, in 2014. Emilio’s approach was to change virtually nothing, in an effort to preserve the quality, soul and reputation of the estate. He was successful as these are still some of the finest white wines being produced in Italy today.

We are excited to represent Schiopetto in the UK. Our range begins with their "Fireman's Line" of pure, clean, varietal wines including the local variety, Ribolla Gialla. Their Friulano from Collio regularly wins the prestigious Tre Bicchieri award, while the 95% Friulano "M" is an exceptional expression from the estate's original vines. Look out too for the Blanc des Rosis white blend and also for the Rivarossa red, based on Merlot - a variety long associated with Italy.