About Us

Established in 1978, Amathus Drinks Plc is a fast growing family owned drinks Importer, distributor and specialist retailer with a £60m turnover.

Our direct serviced distribution area covers most parts of England and Wales with centers in London, Bristol and Coventry.

In addition to supplying a comprehensive range of global brands, Amathus prides itself on its portfolio of exclusive agency brands with provenance and distinction, that are best in class, often unique and sourced from all corners of the world. Supported with our own modern delivery fleet and our resourceful business development specialists as part of our two hundred strong team, our mission is to provide first class products and service to our customers.

We also have five retail stores located in the vibrant, trendy areas around London, Brighton and Bath. Offering you access to exclusive events, masterclasses, click and collect service and free local delivery to enjoy as part of your shopping experience. We have a number of highly trained spirits and wine advisors in our stores to help you with any queries you have.

With our product lines in excess of 3000, we are able to supply a wide range of well known brands. However, the real point of difference is our exclusive agency brands ranging from premium spirits such as Rhum J.M, Ferdinand's, The English Whisky Company, Alipus and Linie Aquavit. Our wine portfolio includes boutique wine producers such as, No.1 Family Estate, Duval-Leroy, Penley Estate, De Gras and Elk Cove. Unique craft beers and cider like Cusqueña, Coedo, Espiga and Sassy Cidre. Our recent exciting additions to our portfolio includes the ever so exclusive, Kanpai Peckham Sake and Shichiken.

Our purchasing and account teams have significant expertise in sourcing and providing product training on our specialist agency brands. We are proud to be the choice for many prestigious clients from Michelin starred restaurants, 5 star hotels, country gastropubs to clubs and trendy city bars. We are also supplying more independent retail outlets with our premium agency spirits and growing wine collection.




Modern slavery in the global drinks trade

At Amathus, we have been proudly supplying Drinks to the World for 40 years.  Our founding family’s roots lie deep in Mediterranean vineyards and olive groves where sustainability was not a fad, but a way of life.  So, it’s no surprise that we have sought out producers who are committed to their husbandry in ways that reflect our own values.   

In that time, we have forged strong, lasting relationships directly with growers who have become part of our extended family.  Very often, these are smaller producers with long family ties to their estates, who care deeply about their viticulture. We maintain these connections by regular exchanges of people.  Whether we’re sending our buyers to take a first hand look at harvest and production, or whether we’re hosting our friends at trade fairs or on development tours, we have good insights in how our producers get their products to us.

And it is this close connection that gives us confidence that our producers promote the best possible conditions not only for their products but also for their people. 

We will not knowingly work with suppliers whose values do not include respect for their staff, fair treatment in the workplace and a commitment to sustainable production.  All of our new suppliers undertake due diligence with us to test for any risks of modern slavery in all its pernicious forms, and contract with us to give us assurances on not only on slavery risks but also on bribery and corruption risks, each evil being an obvious encouragement for the other.

Of course, many of our suppliers are large concerns.  We don’t take their global reputations for granted.  We ask our suppliers to help us understand their own labour relationships and working conditions and their corporate social responsibilities.

We’re fortunate that in our part of the supply chain, there is little opportunity for the abuse of people.  Even so, we’re alert to the risk of traffickers posing as gang masters and enforced labour and the exploitation of the very young.  We’re happy to say that since the awareness of modern slavery has become widespread, we have yet to encounter a single instance of serious concern.  We’ll not stop looking.

If you have any concerns or knowledge you wish to share in confidence please contact us by mail, marked Private & Confidential, at the address below, for the Managing Director.

Managing Director
Harry Georgiou

London, August 2019