Ethical Products
Welcome to our ethical products section. We are pleased to support producers who implement initiatives that benefit the environment and their local communities. If you would like to know more, just click on the links below to see our wines in these categories.


The widely accepted definition of organic products is that they have been produced according to organic farming practices which exclude the usage of artificial pesticides and fertilizers. The legal definition of organic products is specific to each country of origin. In the EU, there is no such thing as ‘organic wine’ or ‘organic beer’, the correct terminology is ‘wine made from organically grown grapes’.

In relation to wines, in practice, organic viticulture will mean that producers encourage cover crops between the rows to produce a more natural environment in the vineyard. Cover crops can either act as a decoy for the vine’s enemies or they can provide an environment to encourage predators of these enemies. Cover crops will also fix atmospheric nitrogen and thus eliminate the need for artificial fertilisers.

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Sustainable agriculture is one step behind organic and encompasses the French concept of ‘L’agricole raisonnée’ which means ‘reasoned farming’. This type of approach aims to minimise the usage of chemicals. There are no legal definitions or standards and it is the producers who decide what their thresholds are governing chemical use. Practiced well, this can be extremely close to organic viticulture practices.

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This is a step on from organic and tends to apply to wines, if a wine is biodynamic then it will also be organic by definition. Biodynamic wines are those which are produced in accordance with the principles of biodynamic agriculture. Biodynamic principles aim to build on organic and aim to achieve even greater ecological sufficiency whilst also incorporating ethical-spiritual considerations.

Our exclusive agency brand Maverick from Barossa Valley, Australia are made from biodynamically-farmed estate fruits. Their vineyards are certified by NASAA (National Association of Sustainsble Agriculture of Australia) as biodynamic or biodynamic in conversion. 

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Whilst not a legally defined concept, these producers use bottles that are lighter than a ‘standard’ bottle.  This therefore helps the environment because we use less resources producing and transporting these bottles.

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