Tequila Komos is the category-redefining line of ultra-luxury tequilas presented in five unique expressions: Añejo Cristalino, Reposado Rosa, Extra Añejo, Añejo Reservaand XO. T Tasting Panel Magazine rated Komos the highest-rated tequila portfolio ever, including the first and only 100-point score ever. 







Komos begin by making their spirit base, a blanco, using superior blue agave from the highlands and lowlands of Tequila. The agave is first roasted in their traditional volcanic stone oven. The juice is then fermented with natural yeasts and then double distilled in pot stills.


They use some of the finest French oak wine barrels which have been only used once or twice by wineries, sourced from outstanding appellations such as Napa and Sonoma Valley. The Extra Añejo is aged in a combination of American whiskey barrels and French oak white wine barrels.


The last stage before bottling is to rest and aerate the tequila, adding softness and rounding the palate while imparting a hint of sweetness.


These iconic, award-winning bottles are specially designed to protect the tequila from harmful sunlight and are meant to be repurposed and loved. Each bottle is meticulously handmade from vitrified porcelain, with no absorption of water. The Komos bottles are hand dipped into a ceramic glaze that alters when fired in the oven, meaning every bottle is totally unique.






Tequila Komos, together with distillery partner Orendain, are working to build sustainability practices in Tequila, Mexico. They have created a non-profit organisation that reuses waste by-products created by tequila production, turning them into sun-dried adobe bricks. The bricks are given to the community to build housing, hospitals and schools.

This project further develops upon CEO, Richard Betts’, earlier work in Oaxaca, where he was struck by the volume of waste in the agave spirit manufacturing process. He invented a ground-breaking method of creating adobe bricks hydrated with some of the vinasa and reinforced with spent bagazo.


The bricks are made at Orendain’s La Mexicana distillery, the most visited distillery in Mexico. You can see this process firsthand at the distillery visitors centre where they showcase the bricks initiative.


Furthermore, Komos has partnered with Iteso Universidad, a local university, where students obtain college credits for their contributions to the project.












Añejo Cristalino

The Tequila Komos Añejo Cristalino is aged for at least 1 year in French oak white wine barrels, then charcoal filtered to create this spectacular cristalino expression.


The Añejo is then trickled through a charcoal column to eradicate impurities and produce an impeccably smooth, delicious and crystal clear Añejo Cristalino. Our Cristalino then aerates to make the mouthfeel softer and rounder, while adding the slightest impression of natural sweetness.


This very special tequila has a spectacular scent of sweet pineapple is encompassed by light agave cleanness and fresh lime zest. Satin in texture on the palate with flavours of lilac and a wash of orange peel. Minerality and dry, the spirit’s gravitas is also tangible in its seamless smooth finish.


“One of the newest and most unique Cristalinos to grace shelves... it’s one of the most complex and nuanced Cristalinos available.”

- Maxim







Reposado Rosa

 The Reposado Rosa has a beautiful rosé shade and is aged for 2 months in French red wine oak barrels from Napa Valley, giving it an opulent mouthfeel. This vital aging process in elegant ex-red wine barrels creates a reposado with an elegant pink hue that is naturally derived from grape skins, evocative of classic, French rosés.


Each bottle is entirely unique, reactive pink ceramic glazed, suggesting the beauty of the Mediterranean while protecting the pale rosé colour and aromas within it.


On the palate, this tequila is bold and round with crisp agave flavours brought together with vanilla, butterscotch and dark chocolate. Blackberries, plums, and dark cherries come to the fore with a finish that is long, rich, and very smooth.


“The pink ceramic-glazed bottle is a work of art, as is the liquid inside.”

- The Tasting Panel









Extra Añejo

The Komos Extra Añejo is aged for a minimum of 3 years in both French oak white wine barrels and American oak whiskey barrels to guarantee their most luxurious tequila. This is the first ever 100 point score tequila for the Tasting Panel.


The lushness of American oak is precisely combined with the sophistication of French oak to make the most unique Extra Añejo.


The Extra Añejo is a sumptuous, exceedingly intricate tequila. In the mouth, it is overflowing with flavours of dried orange peels, candied ginger and toasted pecans.


“This tequila is as graceful as an old cognac. The first ever 100-point score tequila.”

- The Tasting Panel







Añejo Reserva

 The Añejo Reserva is aged for a minimum of 12 months in a combination of French oak wine barrels, bourbon barrels, and sherry casks. Masterfully blended to create a luxurious, round, and unique expression that highlights the rich chocolate and fruit flavours imparted by the sherry casks while remaining true to the herbal notes of the agave.


It is then left to rest and aerate, further softening and rounding the palate while imparting a slight impression of sweetness prior to bottling in their handmade iconic designed bottles. Each, vitrified porcelain, allowing for zero absorption of water or bacteria. Hand dipped into a reactive glaze that changes when fired in the oven, meaning every bottle is a one-of-a-kind creation.


Filled with notes of soft and full, with hints of hazelnut and dried apricots. The finish is lingering, with allspice, white pepper, and opulent amber notes.