2022 is a welcome return to form for Burgundy, in that this is a vintage that has delivered both very high quality and good volumes, with great consistency across the board. The vintage was a noticeable contrast to the far more challenging 2021, with a hot, dry summer and minimal disease pressure. Any risk came from drought and sunburn, but the latter was largely avoided by sensible canopy management, and the former by a wet June which topped up the water levels, keeping the wines nourished throughout July and August. Harvest began in late August in perfect warm, sunny conditions. Despite the relatively early harvest date, as budbreak also began ahead of time in Spring, the grapes had sufficient hang time to produce wines of both intensity and most importantly for Burgundy; freshness and elegance.

The grapes developed thick skins through the warm growing season, which led to concentrated sugars and flavours, however the colours of the reds are more classically translucent than other hot years such as 2018 and 2020, and the wines have a compelling purity which is sometimes absent in these other, undeniably attractive years. The thick skins required a gentle touch in the cellar with minimal extraction, resulting in tannins that are ripe, yet soft and pliable and should reward consumption at an early age, the balanced acidities will also reward cellaring. Likewise, the white wines are beautifully balanced with a come-hither texture and lifted aromatics characterised by ripe stonefruit, which stops just short of the tropical, integrated, moderate alcohol and lovely freshness. This is a vintage that has proved extremely successful in some of the lesser celebrated appellations such as Auxey Duresses and Savigny Les Beaune, where the pricing remains attractive and quality has never been better.

In summary, this is undeniably a great vintage, with superb quality from top to bottom, and wines which have a compelling combination of ripeness and approachability. While remaining intrinsically classic in style, they are appealing to both casual consumers and died in the wool Burgundy enthusiasts alike.

We have assembled a compact offer of our favourite producers, many of whom are exclusive to Amathus, alongside some stellar names. We know you will find much to be excited by!

Jeremy Lithgow MW



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