Chardonnay wines


 Chardonnay grapes are one of the most popular wine grape varieties in the world. Originally from the Burgundy region of France, these grapes are now grown in many wine regions around the globe. Chardonnay wines are known for their versatility, ranging from crisp and acidic to rich and buttery. The grapes themselves are small and green, with thin skins and relatively low sugar content. They are often used in both still and sparkling wines and are prized for their ability to express the terroir of where they are grown. Overall, Chardonnay grapes are an important component of the wine industry and continue to be a favourite among wine drinkers. Still wines with Chardonnay, from crisp, unoaked Chablis, to fine white Burgundy; from California to South Australia. Chardonnay can come in so many styles and flavours, it is a great wine for pairing with a wide range of food too.