Michel Couvreur's French-matured whiskies

Michel Couvreur

Michel Couvreur took an utterly unique approach to making whisky, fusing the talents of Scottish distillers with his own skill with barrel maturation in Burgundy. Originally from Belgium, Michel moved to France in the 1950s, making wine in Burgundy. But having sold wine in Scotland he fell in love with its incredible whisky and moved there in 1964. In pursuit of his growing passion to make a unique whisky, in the late 1970s, Michel returned to France to be nearer to the origin of the Sherry casks he prized, and dug his own cellar in the hillside of Bouze-Iès-Beaune in the Côte d’Or.

Here, until his death in 2013, Michel Couvreur matured his whiskies. These are distilled in Scotland before being shipped to Burgundy, where they are carefully aged in original Sherry casks to produce an exquisite blend of two cultures. Today, his legacy is continued by son-in-law Cyrille Deschamps and cellarmaster Jean-Arnaud Frantzen, assisted by Michel's widow and his daughter. We are proud to represent these distinctive whiskies that bear Michel Couvreur's name, in the UK.