Mezcal from Los Danzantes & Alipús

Los Danzantes & Alipús

Two restaurateurs from Mexico City established Los Danzantes in 1997. They bought a little distillery in Oaxaca's Santiago Matatlán. The distillery was then renovated and updated while maintaining traditional manufacturing techniques.

Los Danzantes founded Alips in 1999 to serve as a marketplace for family-run craft distilleries. Selective small producers were closely worked with by Hector Vázquez and later by Karina Abad Rojas in order to enhance their distillation processes and assist them with the challenging documentation necessary to certify their mezcals for export. A social project called Alips aims to boost Oaxaca's rural economy by producing and selling handcrafted mezcal. These are young (unaged) mezcals produced by regional farmers.