Lusciously-sweet wines

Lusciously Sweet

Dessert wines are the perfect way to end a meal on a sweet note. These wines are typically served in smaller portions due to their high sugar content and are best enjoyed with desserts or as a dessert themselves. Some popular types of dessert wines include port, sherry, and ice wine. Port wine is a fortified wine that originates from Portugal. It is made by adding brandy to the wine during the fermentation process, resulting in a higher alcohol content and a sweet, rich flavour. Port pairs well with chocolate desserts, nuts, and strong cheeses. Sherry is another fortified wine that comes from the Jerez region of Spain. It is made using a unique ageing process called the solera system, which involves blending older and younger wines together. Sherry can range from dry to sweet and pairs well with a variety of desserts, including fruit tarts and pastries. Ice wine, also known as eiswein in German, is made from grapes that have been frozen on the vine. This freezing process concentrates the sugars and flavours in the grapes, resulting in a sweet, syrupy wine with high acidity. Ice wine pairs well with fruit-based desserts, such as apple pie or pear tart. Overall, dessert wines offer a delicious and decadent way to end a meal. Whether you prefer the rich flavour of port, the complex taste of sherry, or the sweet and tangy notes of ice wine, there is a dessert wine out there to satisfy your sweet tooth.