Copenhagen Distillery spirits range

Copenhagen Distillery

Copenhagen Distillery was established in 2014 as the Danish capital city's first craft distillery. Aiming to refine and reinvigorate tradition, they make contemporary spirits in a socially and environmentally responsible way, including using organically certified wheat and barley to distil their spirits. Small batch production is at the heart, with distillations ranging between just 100 and 1,200 litres.

We are excited to bring this innovative, young distillery to the UK. Our range includes their pair of gold-medal-winning gins: Bay Leaf, designed to deliver a fragrant, savoury character when diluted, and Orange which reimagines classic Danish 'Christmas snaps', and is superb neat. There's also classic Scandinavian aquavit, but with modern twists such as the addition of mulberry and rose, as well as tiny quantities of Danish whisky, where Raw Edition expresses the character of the local barley grains, while Rare is a playground for innovation. Look out too for their unique, Copenhagen Coffee Laboratory collaboration, distilling Guatemalan Arabica into a pure coffee spirit.