Siren beers now at Amathus: Coincides with taproom launch



Established in 2013 with an ambitious vision, Siren Craft Brew embarked on a journey to revolutionize the beer scene. Dedicated to creating daring and flavorful brews.



Bordeaux 2023 Vintage Report: Freshness, Energy, and Precision



Jeremy Lithgow MW, our Head of Wine, spent several days last week visiting Bordeaux, where he zoomed around tasting the wines to assess the quality of the vintage. Here, he shares his insights on the outcome of the 2023 vintage.



Unlocking Bordeaux 2023: A Guide to En Primeur Releases



As the world of wine is gearing up for the 2023 vintage release from the châteaux of Bordeaux, critics and buyers alike have descended on the region to assess the quality of the wines, including our head buyer, Jeremy Lithgow MW. While we await his return and his views on the vintage as a whole and which wines have excelled, we have mapped how En Primeur works, and why it’s worth getting involved.



A Toast to English Whisky Ahead of St. George’s Day



As St. George’s Day, 23rd April, is on Tuesday, we thought it was an appropriate time to explore more about the developing English whisky production scene. We’ve even provided a few suggestions of how to elevate your imbibing!



Make Time For Malbec – April 17th Is Malbec World Day!



Join us as we explore the rich history, tantalising flavours, and cultural significance of this beloved red wine varietal. Get ready to raise your glass and discover why Malbec deserves a special place in your wine collection.



Aquavit – Exploring the Nordic Spirit  




Aquavit is more than just a fiery spirit from Scandinavia to be taken as a shot. Great with food, increasingly exciting in cocktails, the spirit from our Nordic cousins is justifiably experiencing a renaissance. Here our Soho store manager and guru of all things spirits, Sam Wilson, explains why Aquavit is such a great drink.



The Easter Table: what to drink with food this Easter weekend



As Easter approaches our well-travelled Retail Manager Rodrigo Mammana gives us food for thought about what wines to drink with your main meal over the long weekend.




2022 Vintage, The ‘New Classic’ Burgundy



Burgundy continues to captivate enthusiasts with its terroir-driven expressions. Journey with us through the rolling hills and historic vineyards of one of France's most esteemed wine regions.




Limited Edition Releases from Pioneering Blackwater Distillery



Blackwater is a pioneering whiskey maker based in rural County Waterford. They are focused on what goes into making the liquid, rather than the emphasis on development in cask. With spellbinding results. As they release three new small batch craft whiskies exclusively through Amathus, we learn about how they got going and what inspires them. 



Silent Pool Gin: A Premium Experience



Since 2013 Silent Pool Gin has been enthralling consumers and industry experts alike. Here we learn how they came to fruition and how they go about crafting their premium gin from locally inspired botanicals. And as a Mother’s Day treat how you can experience the thrill of seeing where it all happens for free!



Ana Jackson MW joins Amathus Drinks



Ana Jackson MW has recently joined Amathus Drinks as head of Wine Business Development. Ana has more than 20 years’ experience in the wine trade and is our second Master of Wine. Here she tells us about her wine journey so far and the wines she is enjoying from our portfolio. 



The Glenturret



Scotland’s Oldest Working Distillery. The Glenturret brings together the hard-won wisdom of generations of distillers with the imagination of contemporary masters to craft moments to treasure in spirit and glass. 



La Tour Melas



World-class Reds and Rosés from a pioneer of modern Greek winemaking.



Discarded Spirits Co.



Discarded Spirits Co. launched in 2018 with the simple, but ambitious goal of reducing needless waste in the food and drink industry.



Amathus Bath



Nestled in Bath's charming Green Street, Amathus Drinks is your ultimate destination for fine wines, spirits, and beers.



Tequila Styles, An Introduction



A glimpse into the history, production and many different styles of tequila. Learn more about this often misunderstood spirit. 



Aglianico, The “Barolo of the South”



A robust red wine, Aglianico is virtually exclusively produced in the southern Italian regions of Campania and Basilicata. Read more about its origins.



The Graceful Expressions of Pinot Gris



Discover the fascinating styles and flavours of Pinot Gris written by our Store General Manager, Rodrigo Mammana. 



Michel Couvreur Whiskies



This is a story about passion and creativity, a man who conquered a category that he had no right to explore.



International Pinot Noir Day



The 18th of August is International Pinot Noir Day, discover our selection from around the world, from classic Burgundy to crisp Mosel. 



Time flies when you're having Rum!



Keep the summer feeling going with these delicous sugarcane cocktail recipes, using white rums, cachaça, aged rums. 



Celebrate World Tequila Day!



We have chosen our top six picks Tequilas from our fabulous wide range at Amathus Drinks ranging from smooth and fruity to brooding and smoky.



The Best Agave Alternatives to Tequila



We have chosen some of our favourite agave spirits for you to uncover. Mexican agave drinks have protected appellations of origin, similar to wine.



 Top 5 Alternatives to Pimm's 



It’s been feeling like Summer for a while now, and here at Amathus we’ve been enjoying our fair share of garden parties, picnics and the occasional sundowner.



Stop and Smell the Rosés



Summer’s well underway here in the UK, and with all these long sunny evenings to fill, what better time to stop and smell Amathus’ eclectic and exciting selection of rosés…