French whiskies


The French Whisky industry is one of the most exciting and innovative in the world. Thanks to a long tradition of distilling and a commitment to quality, French Whisky producers are able to create some of the best whiskies in the world. In recent years, the French Whisky industry has undergone a period of transformation, with a new generation of producers working to create unique and exciting whiskies. The result is a French Whisky scene that is more diverse and interesting than ever before. 

Michel Couvreur was a French whisky producer who founded his eponymous company in 1963. The company is known for its 10-year-old malt whisky, which is made from a blend of 40 different whiskies. Couvreur was born in Lyon, France in 1927, and he died in 2013. Couvreur was a pioneer in the French whisky industry, and he was the first to produce a single malt whisky in France. He was also the first to age his whisky in sherry casks, which is now a common practice in the whisky industry. Couvreur's whiskies are still produced today, and they are available in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. In addition to its 10-year-old malt whisky, the company also produces a 12-year-old malt whisky, a 15-year-old malt whisky, and a 20-year-old malt whisky.