Top 5 Alternatives to Pimm's

It’s been feeling like Summer for a while now, and here at Amathus we’ve been enjoying our fair share of garden parties, picnics and the occasional sundowner.

Cue next week, when we welcome Wimbledon’s return! Not much sums up a Great British Summer more than watching the world’s top Tennis players give it their best shot, whilst relaxing in the shade, drink in hand…

If you’ve already had your fill of Pimm’s this June, we’ve got just the right bottles to see you through the Championship fortnight. Here are our top 5 alternative drinks to cool down in this heat!

1)      Dolin Chambéryzette


The world-renowned creator of vermouth, Dolin, added strawberry liqueur to its premium ‘Vermouth de Chambéry’ back in 1902 - and it became an instant Summer success in the cafés of Paris and London.


Over a century later, Dolin continues to use only real plants and quality ingredients to create this refreshing ‘Apéritif à la Fraise’.


Our Perfect Summer Serve: Fill a rocks glass with ice and pour generously for the classic 1900s serve. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary to really bring out the botanicals of the vermouth, and you’ve got an iconic drink to savour – and show off!

2)      Calem White Port 

Another forgotten classic, White Port & Tonic is simple to make, easy to enjoy, and absolutely delicious. In contrast to the after-dinner ‘Ruby’ version, White Port makes the perfect aperitif when served with a good splash of tonic and a slice of lemon.

Sit back and enjoy as your glass fills with fragrant notes of blossom and tropical fruits…


Our Perfect Summer Serve: Add ice to a High Ball glass, pour 50ml of Calem White Port, top up with 150ml of premium tonic (we recommend Three Cents Aegean Tonic), garnish with a slice of lemon… sip and enjoy!

3)      Amer Picon


For those of us who love their drinks with a bitter kick, you can’t go wrong with Amer Picon. A blend of orange and gentian distillates with caramel, this Belgian drink was once touted as an anti-malarial thanks to the addition of quinine! 

Our staff love to pour a splash of its bittersweet orange flavour to white wine, beer, even Champagne – talk about an all-rounder!


Our Perfect Summer Serve: Big splash in the bottom of your glass, then fill up with your favourite wine or beer! 1/3 parts Amer should do the trick, without making the drink too bitter. Add ice for an extra bit of refreshment.

4)      Copenhagen Orange Gin

This proper grown-up gin packs a punch. The brilliant Copenhagen Distillery creates a base spirit from wheat, for a creamy, mouth-filling texture that is matched by powerful aromas of dried and sweet oranges.

Not for the flavour-shy, this gin should be slowly sipped and savoured, preferably whilst relaxing in a hammock on a hot and lazy afternoon.


Our Perfect Summer Serve: Fill your rocks glass with top-quality ice and slowly pour in 25ml of this premium gin. Add a garnish of your choice, such as a twist of orange peel, for a truly elegant drink.

5)      Fox & Fox Mosaic Brut


However, if you need an alternative that’s just as English as Pimm’s and Wimbledon, don’t fret! Fox & Fox have got you covered with their stunner of a sparkling wine.

This dry bubbly is made from 50% Pinot Noir, 50% Chardonnay grapes grown in Sussex and is bursting with notes of white peach and brioche - an excellent example of why English wine is more popular than ever!


Our Perfect Summer Serve: These bubbles are best enjoyed when chilled to between 8 – 10°C. Carefully pour into a larger glass and give a gentle swirl to release all the delicious aromas.

We hope this gives a taste of how many great Summer drinks there are to enjoy! And, of course, if you’re still hankering for the traditional fruit cup, we won’t deny you Pimm’s…